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EMIR - MiFID/R II - Account Segregation and Pricing Disclosure

European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) and Market in Financial Instruments Directive/Regulation II (MiFID II) requires that each Central Clearing Counterparty (CCP) and its clearing members offer its clients at least the choice between omnibus client segregation and individual client segregation and to disclose the fees arising from the provision of clearing services.

CCPs and clearing members are required to publicly disclose the levels of protection and the costs associated with the different levels of segregation that they provide.

CCPs and clearing members are also required to disclose certain fee information with respect to the services that they offer.

This webpage contains Deutsche Bank AG, Amsterdam branch EMIR & MiFID/R II clearing member disclosure documents which may be updated from time to time. 

Please contact your relationship manager with any questions.

Conditions for Clearing and Pricing Schedule for Listed and OTC Derivatives Clearing Services

EMIR Article 39(7) and MiFID II RTS 6 Article 27(2) Clearing Member Disclosure Document

Please note that the Clearing Member Risk Disclosure Document contains links to the risk disclosures of the CCPs.
More information for Corporate & Investment Bank Clients: 
European Market Infrastructure Regulation