Cash Management Corporates

  • No. 1 Euro clearer and the largest participant in the main Euro clearing systems (RTGS+, EBA, and TARGET) with over 200,000 cross-border transactions per day
  • No. 5 US Dollar clearer and major participant in CHIPS and Fedwire (both over  8% of all transactions)
  • No. 6 UK Sterling clearer (2nd largest foreign bank)
  • No. 1 EDIFACT payment provider
  • No. 1 provider of cash letter services in Asia and the Pacific Rim

Deutsche Bank helps you optimize your cash management with a comprehensive array of global, regional and domestic solutions. We also make it easy for you to find out more about our products and services. To begin, click on the links below:

        – Account Maintenance
        – Customer Access
        – Liquidity Management
        – Money Transfer
        – Dedicated Implementation Team
        – Dedicated Service Team

Service Level

Both our local and our global customer service teams are happy to provide a quality service to our valued customers:

  • unmatched service and delivery dates,
  • flexible attitude,
  • high level of attention towards our customers.

Experienced team

Our highly educated and experienced colleagues are utilizing all of their professional knowledge to serve our customers at the highest possible level.


State of the art technological solutions

Our electronic banking solutions are designed to ease the administrative burdens of our customers, providing reliable and flexible solutions, while decreasing the number of errors and the possibility of intercompany fraud.

Global network

We are utilizing the advantages of Deutsche Bank’s global network to provide an efficient and quick service to our customers, for example when executing complex international transactions, or handling trade business.


Deutsche Bank’s Cash Management Corporates Sales contact is Miss Katalin Virag Tornyai. His contact details are he following:
Katalin Virag Tornyai, Head of Implementation & Sevice Hungary
Tel.: +36 (1) 301377-5