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Accion works to catalyze equitable financial services for all entrepreneurs. Since 1991, they have invested $200 million nationwide to develop business ideas into reality. Founded on the principle that everyone deserves economic opportunities, Accion builds strong foundations for underserved, yet motivated entrepreneurs.

For many, entrepreneurship is about more than putting passions to work: small business ownership is often undertaken with the goal of economic mobility, financial self-sufficiency and neighborhood vibrancy. However, access to capital and financial education resources remain barriers for the survival and growth of a small business—particularly for immigrants, women, people of color, and low- to moderate-income individuals. Founded on the principle that everyone deserves economic opportunities, Accion builds strong foundations for underserved, yet motivated entrepreneurs.

CSR Americas’ Made for Good partnership with Accion serving the East Coast spans several initiatives, including the Small Business Lending and Financial Education Program. Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation’s grant support for this program has helped change the lives of 2,100 low- to moderate-income individuals. In addition to affordable microloans, participants benefit from a supportive network of peers and a range of workshops and technical assistance covering investments, credit, cash flow management, financial recordkeeping, and fundraising. Empowered with industry knowledge and best practices, 95% of participants report improved management of their small business.

CSR Americas also provides volunteer support for Accion’s Sprout Loan Program by bonding Deutsche Bank employees with their mission. Bank-wide, volunteers are paired with Accion clients and provide tailored, one-on-one counseling on their business plans and financial projections. In the Bank’s first participating year, it fulfilled nearly half of the program’s total demand for eligible volunteers.

Accelerating visibility and sales, a holiday market is hosted each year within Deutsche Bank's Wall Street lobby featuring products crafted by Accion clients. The market enables employees to support local, underserved small business owners while sharing the entrepreneurial spirit with their friends and families during the holiday season.

Beyond New York City, Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation was instrumental in Accion’s expansion to Jacksonville, Florida, and enabled the first loan disbursements at the new site through the Access to Capital Program. Subsequent Foundation grants assisted Accion Houston, a sister organization to Accion serving the East Coast, to provide immediate response to the widespread devastation caused by Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey. Underserved small business owners, an often-overlooked community amidst relief efforts, received reduced rate loans to recover lost inventory and physical damage in Jacksonville and Houston.

"Minority business owners are denied loans 32% of the time, compared to 12% for non-minority business owners."
"Women start their businesses with only 56% as much financial capital as men."

Source: Accion 2018 Annual Report

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