Employees and students design fresh solutions for D&I

Wealth Management and the Black Leadership Forum collaborate with underserved youth to cultivate equity within the workforce.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, New York City quickly pivoted their 2020 Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) to an engaging virtual experience. CSR Americas, through its long-term commitment to expanding inclusive and innovative educational environments for all, encouraged collaboration within the Bank in response to today’s rapidly evolving virtual learning environment.

As part of Deutsche Bank’s seven-point plan to advance inclusive culture and racial and ethnic diversity, CSR Americas called out for an SYEP Summer Bridge team leader from the Bank. Delores Rubin, a Wealth Management Director and member of the Black Leadership Forum (BLF), promptly stepped up to take action and facilitate SYEP’s workplace challenge that is designed to provide exposure to diverse industries, potential careers of interest and hands-on problem-solving.

Christiana Riley, Deutsche Bank Americas’ CEO, welcomed the 300 students from across the city enrolled in SYEP Summer Bridge 2020 and highlighted the importance of community partnerships—including the New York City Partnership, a CSR grantee that supports mobilizing private sector resources to advance innovation and economic opportunity throughout the city—in expanding equitable summer opportunities for the city’s future workforce.

Over two weeks, WM volunteers worked in teams with two cohorts of youth ages 16-24. Teams identified the specific real-world challenge related to driving inclusion within the workplace; generated possible solutions to their challenge; and then crafted a final presentation on their deliverables.

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