Community transformation in Brazil

More than 60 employees and family members gathered to help renovate the Associação Beneficente Caminho de Luz.

This NGO acts on the social and educational development of children and teenagers, from newborns to young adults who come from unstable family backgrounds and have been removed from their legal guardians.

Volunteers were involved in activities such as painting, cleaning, gardening of the houses where the children reside as well as interacting with the children.

“Corporate volunteering is an amazing opportunity to give back a little of what we receive,” notes André Bonin, Chief Information Officer (CIO) Brazil and Chair of the Brazil Employee Engagement Council. “In a country like Brazil with huge economic differences, this kind of initiative is really important. I am proud to be part of it once more.”

In addition to the volunteer overhaul, the Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation supports the NGO´s Expanding Access to Technology project, which establishes computer labs and provides equipment for the children. The project recognizes that there is a strong digitalization process in the world, and therefore providing access to technology will lead the children towards opportunities for growth and inclusion in the job market. With that in mind, the project focuses on the construction of a computer lab in each of the houses. By these means, children will be able to access online classes and use the internet to help with school homework.

“This initiative contributes towards dissemination of the culture of Corporate Social Responsibility in Deutsche Bank. Together, we must be aware that it’s important to humanize relationships, and this action helps us to engage with that purpose,” said Maite Leite, CCO Brazil. “I recognize and appreciate the participation of employees, friends and families in social initiatives, as well as the structuring and organization of the Brazil Employee Engagement Council.”