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Each year, 400,000 low-income students graduate from high school qualified for college but don’t enroll.

Often, it’s because their high schools lack the resources to help them navigate the college admissions process. While the American School Counselors Association recommends a 250:1 student-to-counselor ratio, many under-resourced high schools have a ratio closer to 800 students per counselor.

The value of a college education is profound. Compared to college-educated workers, those with only a high school diploma miss out on nearly $1 million in earnings over the course of their careers. The economy misses out as well, on hundreds of billions of dollars every year.

To address this problem, Deutsche Bank partnered with Strive for College, a game-changing nonprofit that leverages technology and publicly available data to correct the inequity of college access. Deutsche Bank’s contributions to Strive for College in 2015 supported the organization’s direct work with over 1,000 students of limited resources, helping them identify and get to their best-matched schools. Our partnership also helped Strive jump-start its expansion across the US.

How it works

Strive for College pairs mentors with high school students who work one-on-one, in-person or virtually, one hour per week, for up to three semesters. The college prep curriculum, designed by top experts on college guidance and admissions, prepares students to enroll in their best-fit college, academically and financially.

Strive for College’s virtual mentoring platform, UStrive, enables one-on-one advising (via video conferencing, document sharing and text and instant messaging) to students all over the country, including in rural areas. Moreover, UStrive uses sophisticated software to unlock data trends to match students with competitive schools where they are statistically most likely to graduate and incur the least amount of debt.

Read the personal stories of two Strive for College students. Click below for more.

Strive for College student

What people are saying - Quote - Strive for College student

Strive for College student

What people are saying - Quote - Strive for College student

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Strive for College's impact

Strive for College's impact 95% 95% of Strive for College students enroll in college, 76% of them in 4-year colleges.
Strive for College's impact 91% 91% persist to sophomore year when graduation odds skyrocket.
Strive for College's impact 36% 36% of Strive for College students incur zero debt, and the rest require around $850 less per year than the national low-income average.