Investment Bank


Fiduciary Issuance

The Bank regularly acts as a fiduciary issuer with regard to institutional investors (e.g. insurance companies or pension providers), especially within the framework of a € 15 billion capital market issue program registered on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. In its role as trustee – and sometimes as investor – the Bank enables clients to access alternative financing and also provides investors with alternative investment opportunities. In so doing, the Bank is making a targeted contribution to strengthening and diversifying capital market-based financing solutions. These activities are also consistent with the goals of holistic risk management and with the ambitions of the European Union (EU) for the development of the European financial system and the Capital Markets Union.

Listing information and the relevant prospectus of the Fiduciary Note Program, as amended and updated from time to time, can be found on the website of The Luxembourg Stock Exchange under: 

Structured Finance

In the segment for high-quality capital goods (e.g. special-purpose vessels, aircraft) and long-term utility and infrastructure projects (e.g. alternative forms of energy, transport routes), the Bank – in concert with other units in Deutsche Bank Group’s international network – has the necessary expertise and the operational resources to reliably assist clients in structured and property-related financing scenarios across the entire maturity spectrum.