• Where tomorrow is built

From startups to megaprojects, we help finance the infrastructure behind everyday life in the UK.

Tideway Thames Tunnel

The new Tideway Thames Tunnel will protect Londoners from environmental hazards for the next 100 years. We helped deliver the financing for this £4.4bn upgrade to London’s 150-year-old sewer system. The 15-mile tunnel will prevent millions of tonnes of sewage and rainwater from reaching the Thames. Rainwater will be purified and recycled, sewage will be used to generate renewable energy, and the river and its surrounding communities will be cleaner and safer.

£100bn+ in UK government bonds

As one of the bigger underwriters of UK government debt, we help keep the country running. Sales of UK government bonds fund the national health service, education and housing, better roads and railways, and make sure people’s pensions get paid.

East Anglia rail franchise

The UK’s rail network connects the economy and society. Companies like Rock Rail are helping to modernise it. In 2016 we helped Rock Rail raise £700m from investors to supply new trains to the East Anglia rail franchise operated by Abellio. Passengers now experience twenty-first century travel on state-of-the-art trains that are more environmentally-friendly than older rolling stock.