• Where it all began

Deutsche Bank has deep roots in the UK. We’ve been here since 1873.

Deutsche Bank opens in the City of London

Deutsche Bank was an early pioneer of globalisation and the UK was the bank’s first European location outside Germany. The Deutsche Bank London Agency opened its doors for the first time in March 1873 and became central to the growth of the bank’s international business.

UK branch reopens

The London branch was forced to close in 1914 when war broke out. Deutsche Bank did not return to the UK for another 59 years, when a representative office was established. In 1976, London became the bank’s first overseas branch to reopen after the second world war.

Deutsche Bank moves to Moorgate

Deutsche Bank and Moorgate have history. 10 Moorgate was our home from 1977 until 1981.

Takeover of Morgan Grenfell

The takeover of Morgan Grenfell in 1989 made Deutsche Bank a major player in the City of London and the global financial markets. London became the centre of the bank’s global investment banking and trading operations.

Birmingham office opens

The UK is also an operational centre for Deutsche Bank and much of the technology, software and processes that keep the bank running are managed out of our Birmingham office. We’ve been in Birmingham since 2007 and have helped establish the city as a financial centre.