• Where finance moves forward

London has remained one of the world’s financial centres by always moving with the times. And so do we.

Leading global wealth manager

Our wealth management clients in the UK include ultra-high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs and their families. We help them protect, grow and transfer wealth from generation to generation, always aligning advice and investments with changing values and priorities.

13,000 companies use Autobahn

Technology continues to transform banking. Our ground-breaking Autobahn digital trading platform was developed out of the UK and is used by more than 13,000 corporate and institutional clients globally for FX and cash management.

Partner to UK fintechs

London is Europe’s fintech hub. As an investor in UK-based tech startups, we help accelerate ideas that can transform banking in all kinds of ways. Our Innovation capabilities in London are part of a global network dedicated to finding and scaling the latest developments in digital banking.