History of Deutsche Bank in Korea

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1870-Korea-HistoryDeutsche Bank was founded in Berlin to promote and facilitate trade relations between Germany and international markets.

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1889-Korea-HistoryFoundation of Deutsch-Asiatische Bank in Berlin – as a special institution for the East Asian market – by a German bank syndicate led by Disconto-Gesellschaft and Deutsche Bank.

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Deutsche Bank acquired a stake in Korea Development Finance Corporation.

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1972-Korea-HistoryDeutsch-Asiatische Bank and its branches were integrated into the newly founded European Asian Bank.

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A bond was issued by Korea Development Bank under the lead management of Deutsche Bank.

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1978-Korea-HistoryEuropean Asian Bank opened its first branch for Korea in Seoul.

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1983-Korea-HistoryEuropean Asian Bank opened its branch in Pusan.

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1986-Korea_HistoryEuropean Asian Bank became Deutsche Bank (Asia).

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1988-Korea-HistoryDeutsche Bank (Asia) was merged into Deutsche Bank AG. The branches in Seoul and Pusan began to operate under the name of Deutsche Bank AG.

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Closure of Deutsche Bank Pusan branch.

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First DWS-branded investment fund was launched.