Number 1 in FX Margin Trading in Japan

Deutsche Bank jumps to the top in J-MONEY FX Survey

Financial magazine J-MONEY has ranked Deutsche Bank number one for “Total evaluation” and “Trading Volume” in the “FX Margin Trading Companies” category of the Tokyo Foreign Exchange (FX) Market Survey. For both rankings, Deutsche Bank jumped from a number two position in 2021.

The rankings, voted by clients and investors, reflect their evaluation of Deutsche Bank’s FX trading volume and the bank’s market-leading customer service throughout continued volatility in the FX market.

“Deutsche Bank has a long history of commitment to the foreign exchange business on a global basis and to advancing the digitalization of our products,” said Wako Ogawa, Head of ICG FX Sales Japan. “We pride ourselves on developing systems that respond to the changing market environment and our client’s needs. As a small team of local experts in Japan, we have deployed cutting-edge foreign exchange services to our Japanese clients. By providing liquidity based on flow characteristics, we continue to build win-win relationships with our clients.”

When asked what factors have led Deutsche Bank to thrive in such a competitive environment, Lee Merchant, Global Head of FX Spot Trading, had this to say: “ Investment, investment, investment. In our clients, our people and our products. “

J-MONEY is a financial magazine with a thirty year history of covering Japan’s financial industry. The Tokyo Foreign Exchange Market Survey which marked its 32nd edition in 2022, is a survey that financial professionals are paying close attention to.