Technology Centre

Deutsche Bank Technology Centre specialises in software development for Deutsche Bank’s investment and corporate businesses. We develop high-performance, highly reliable technological solutions for trading in liquid financial instruments.

The applications created with the help of Deutsche Bank’s Technology centre in Russia contribute to functional areas in the banking business such as trading, algorithmic trading, operational transaction support, pricing, profit and loss calculation, and risk management. These software products enable Deutsche Bank to operate efficiently on international financial markets, helping investors to make key decisions, get the latest updates and make prompt transactions.

Deutsche Bank Technology Centre’s key operations include:

  • Computer hardware consulting;
  • Software development and consulting;
  • Development and implementation of computer software and databases;
  • Installation, testing and computer systems and database maintenance services, as well as the adaptation and modification of computer software and databases;
  • Data processing;
  • Set up and usage of databases and information resources, as well as other activities related to the use of computers and information technologies.