Media Release Australia News Media Release June 29, 2023

Investment scams on the rise in Australia

Across Australia, there has been a significant increase in the number of people being caught out by sophisticated investment scams. Deutsche Bank, along with other financial institutions in Australia, are hearing from members of the public who are approached and pressurised to invest in what purport to be high-return, low-risk investment opportunities. While these ‘salespeople’ sound legitimate and the brochures look real, they are in fact scams. 

Deutsche Bank wishes to make clear that in Australia and New Zealand:

·         We do not market financial services or products to the general public

·         We will never directly call or email members of the public about investment opportunities

·         We do not use social media channels to promote investment opportunities

Fake email address and contact numbers

The email addresses used by the scammers are not genuine Deutsche Bank emails. Deutsche Bank emails addresses end in only. Examples of fake emails include:





In the brochures and the emails used by the scammers, they list fake contact numbers for our Deutsche Bank Sydney, UK and Tokyo offices, amongst other cities. Always call Deutsche Bank with the details listed via the website. For Australia the link is here. Alternatively, you can find your local country office via on the ‘Locations’ tab, then select the relevant country.

What should you do if you have been approached?

Under no circumstances send funds. If you have been approached by someone selling investments for Deutsche Bank, please contact us directly on our official contact details here

We encourage anyone approached about these types of investments to report this to ASIC (ASIC scam notification),and the ACCC (Scamwatch)

If you have been a victim of a scam you should file a report at your nearest police station. If you have provided the scammer with any personal information, for example copies of a passport or driver’s licences etc., contact IDCare for advice and support.