Nieuws December 9, 2021

#NotAlone: a positive impact for youth mental health

Loneliness, anxiety, depression — this pandemic has had a catastrophic effect on young people’s mental health. Deutsche Bank’s #NotAlone campaign was developed to support charities who are working to address this pressing issue. There was also a steps challenge where employees unlocked extra funding for charities while looking after their own health and wellbeing too. In the Netherlands, Deutsche Bank supported De Kindertelefoon. Our donation will be used for a project that will improve the cooperation with both primary and secondary schools, increasing the awareness and visibility of De Kindertelefoon.

We want to help get the next generation through this, both for their health and for a healthy society.

Watch the clip and find more about the #PositiveImpact of #NotAlone!

More information can be found on our global website.