Our capabilities

Managing and investing your wealth

Your wealth should work in all the ways you want it to:

  • Wealth Discretionary - By choosing us to invest on your behalf, you entrust your assets to a global network of experts who take care of it continuously.
  • Wealth Advisory - You want to be in control when it comes to managing your wealth. We can provide active, expert advice to inform your investment choices, while ensuring that the final decision is always yours.
  • Capital Markets - our global network of local specialists can provide expert trading and tailored solutions.
  • Fund Solutions - Our open architecture allows us to offer solutions from both our in-house funds and from across more than 100 third-party providers worldwide
  • Currency & Deposit Services - We can tailor solutions to your requirements related to liquidity, yield and your risk preferences.
  • Strategic Asset Allocation Investing - Our robust approach to SAA can help you mitigate the adverse effects of volatility and build your core portfolio over the long term, with the option of advanced risk controls.

ESG investing: Adding purpose to performance

Making a positive impact does not have to mean compromising on performance. Whether you wish to make a difference on environmental, social or governance (ESG) issues, or all three, we can help you to build a portfolio that ensures your wealth is invested in line with both your financial objectives and your particular ESG goals.

Financing your personal and business needs

When you have a liquidity need, we have the expertise and experience to provide tailored financing solutions – whether you are investing in capital markets, real estate, lifestyle assets or any other commercial or business asset.

  • Liquid Asset Financing
  • Real Estate Financing
  • Equity Stake Financing
  • Private Aircraft Financing
  • Structured Financing Solutions
  • Fine Art Lending

Planning and preserving your family’s wealth

To preserve and enhance your wealth while ensuring it benefits the people and the causes you care about, you need a plan that reflects your specific circumstances. This is why everything we do starts with a full understanding of what matters to you.

  • Estate and Trust Planning
  • Philanthropy
  • Life Insurance
  • Selling your business

Sophisticated solutions tailored to your needs

Sophisticated solutions tailored to your needs

When you need customized solutions that are typically reserved for corporations and institutional investment managers, our Institutional Wealth Partners team can connect you with the key parts of the Deutsche Bank Group.

  • Corporate Finance
  • Private Markets
  • Structured Lending
  • Strategic Stake Management
  • Investments and Trading